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About The RCSS

The Rastriya Computer Saksharatha Samithi (RCSS) was established in 2009 with the aim of providing computer and technical education to poor and underprivileged individuals in rural areas. Since then, the organization has grown significantly and has been recognized by the Government of Karnataka as a state-level empanel organization for computer training and a leading value-adding service provider in the field of computer and vocational training.

To expand its operations, RCSS has established its administrative office in B.C Road, near Mangalore in Karnataka, and its head office in Hebbal, Bangalore. The organization offers various short-term and long-term certificate and diploma courses, as well as post-graduate diploma courses in computer hardware and software. RCSS is a registered trust and a non-profitable NGO that provides training directly to rural students through approved centers.

RCSS has centers all over Karnataka, including northern Kerala and Maharashtra, and employs qualified and trained staff to provide these programs. The organization has also been authorized as a Computer & Technical Education Institution and approved as a VTP training center by the Employment & Training Department of the Government of India. Additionally, RCSS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, which demonstrates its commitment to providing quality education and services.

Purpose & Scope of the RCSS: 

In the current scenario, many Indian villages lack access to information technology, which has limited opportunities for self-employment. Therefore, spreading computer literacy to villagers and creating self-employment opportunities must be given top priority in computer education. About fifteen years ago, computer and technical education was expensive and not accessible to the common people, which made it difficult for them to learn these skills. As a result, we decided to focus on vocational education to help the poor.

Our primary objective is to provide computer literacy to the poor and create self-employment opportunities in the village areas. We started the Rastriya Computer Saksharatha Samithi to promote computer literacy among the common people and spread it to the village areas. Technical education is also essential for the industrial development of the nation, and the present generation must be trained in this field.

To address this need, we started a short-term industrial training movement in line with government objectives, which will be helpful even in rural areas. The R.C.S.S. provides ISO 9001:2015 approved certificates and degree courses for eligible students through the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing. This support enables students to acquire valuable skills and knowledge, creating opportunities for self-employment and contributing to the development of the nation.


Our vision is to create a world where every youth and woman in rural areas has the   opportunity to develop and utilize computer skills to enhance their lives, achieve their full potential, and contribute to the development of their communities. We aim to empower these individuals by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the digital world, access information, and create meaningful opportunities for themselves and others. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the digital divide and create a more equitable and just society where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.


Our mission is to provide access to computer education and training to youth and women in rural areas, empowering them to acquire the necessary skills to participate in the digital economy. Through our programs, we aim to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities and create a level playing field for all. We will work towards building sustainable, scalable, and innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by these communities, including access to technology, resources, and mentorship. We will collaborate with local organizations, governments, and private sector partners to create a network of support and opportunities for our beneficiaries. Our goal is to build a community of empowered youth and women who can drive economic growth and create positive social change in their communities..